At we'll connect you with people who are actively searching the internet for a mortgage solution. What would it mean for your business if you had a consistent flow of new clients coming in the door on autopilot? That's exactly what we can do for you.

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How Our System Works

We place online advertisements on dozens of websites across Canada, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and so on. People who are in the market for a mortgage click on our ads and then fill out a form on one of our websites, requesting a free consultation.

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...Then What?

If a lead meets our criteria and lives in your service area, you will instantly receive an email (or text message if you prefer!) with your prospect's mortgage and contact information. You can easily access all your leads anytime from our online lead management system.

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Program Highlights

Exclusive & Semi-Exclusive Leads: You can choose whether to receive leads exclusively or share them with another company for a lower rate.

Replacement Policy: If a lead doesn't meet our high standards you can request a replacement within a full 10 days from delivery for any of the following reasons:

 >> Inadequate loan to value ratio
 >> Invalid/disconnected phone number
 >> Duplicate lead within 30 days
 >> Outside of requested service territory

Multiple Delivery Options: You can receive your leads by html email, CSV, PDF, text message, posted directly into your lead management system - even by iPhone app!

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More Highlights...

You Control Your Budget: You can set the maximum number of leads you'd like to receive in a day and pause your lead delivery anytime you wish.

Branded Conversion Pages: Our system automatically shows your company logo and contact information after each of your leads clicks the submit button.

Custom Email Campaigns: Your leads will also receive emails with your contact info, logo and even your picture. You can be marketing to your leads 24/7 on complete autopilot!

Email Blasts: Want to bring in a bunch of new clients at once? Simply request an email blast to be sent to all your leads at once, at no extra charge.

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Why Use a Lead Generation Service?

We're glad you asked! When was the last time you placed an ad in your local paper or on the radio and got a few poorly qualified leads, or even no leads at all? $500, $1,000, even $3,000 down the drain and absolutely nothing to show for it.

Well under the "performance advertising" or lead generation model, that's not something you have to worry about. You only pay for valid leads you receive, no matter how competitive the market gets, and no matter how expensive the cost of advertising. No more $500 leads!

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What Makes Us Different?

Unlike other lead providers we generate all of our leads in-house, using our own marketing and websites we control. This eliminates the all too common problem of leads being sold multiple times, diluting their quality.

Secondly, the Canadian mortgage industry IS our business. Whereas most lead providers are based outside of Canada, we are Canadian owned and operated and specialize in mortgage lead generation. We feel this gives us special insight into the market, allowing us to serve it and therefore YOU better.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I want to inform you that my Canada mortgage client is very happy with your leads. I spoke with him today and he mentioned to me that he is changing his licensing and setting up his own company now. Apparently he was just a single rep in a big company. He said that he definitely wants to re-order but he wants to hold off until he completes his transition. ."

-- Mike G, Account Manager
Powers Marketing Group Inc.

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"I will be purchasing more leads from you as I think this will be an excellent source of revenue so far based on the results from the first set of leads. I'm glad I found you!!! :)”

-- Lucia G, Mortgage Broker
The Mortgage Centre

Contact us to learn how you can acheive results like these...
"I want to inform you that my Canada mortgage client is very happy with your leads... he definitely wants to re-order."
-- Mike G, Account Manager

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